about me


You won’t often find me without a camera, whether it’s a phone or something bigger. In any case, the photos and videos on the site are just a few of the memories I’ve captured. Big or small, monumental or mundane, I think there is more beauty to life than sometimes meets the eye. And a camera is one of many ways to highlight and share it with others. If you’re interested, don’t be shy and get in touch!


In addition to photography and film, I love experimenting with both color and design. Both can create moods, set tones, and affect how people interpret the world around them. It can  be a great and useful thing if handled thoughtfully.  The ways in which we respond to color and design have fascinated me for many years. I try to incorporate this interest into all of my work through striking and accessible design.

what I use

The final product is what matters and the many tools of the trade are a means to an end. Different strokes for different folks. Currently I use Canon, Panasonic, the Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, and the Mac OS. More specifically, I’m skilled with Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, and Premiere. And I know my way around After Effects and InDesign. But with ever evolving technology, that may change with time.

Want to work together? Check out what I do and contact me!