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Amalienborg Castle

So some water, some ice, big stinking deal, right? Just some big fat canal that she’s posting again. But this is not just another domed old building, this is one of the official  residences for the royal family of Denmark, notably the winter residence. NBD, just another castle. Except this is on the harbor, overlooking…

A statue in Nyhavn

On my walk around the city one day, I happened to actually see this monstrous statue outside the harbor. I must’ve passed it dozens of times before I actually saw it. I don’t know what made me stop that one time, but I got a cool shot out of it! What do you pass everyday that…

Fuzzy Warmth

It’s been a bit gloomy here lately. And it’s summer, so it’s muggy, and hot as hell. So I thought I’d bring a bit of color (and a shot of cold) into the day!

Night Sky Line

Copenhagen once again, there may be a trend in where my mind is lately 🙂 Sunset is one of my favorite times of day. As a photographer, it has the “magic hour” when the light is as naturally perfect for photographing as it will ever be. But for me it has always been nice to…

Venice, Summer 2010

There are canals EVERYWHERE in Venice. Obviously, it’s a city made of islands that just happen to be really close to one another. It’s quite picturesque, especially with the sun peeking through the buildings.

Black Diamond Library Escalators

The Black Diamond Library looks out over the harbor in Copenhagen. The building is incredibly striking because, you guessed it, it is a gleaming black structure in the shape of a three-dimensional diamond. This was taken as I was leaving after a long day of studying before finals during my semester abroad.  

Foggy Georgia Tech, Fall 2012

Georgia Tech has a beautiful campus, full of greenery and technology. The newest building on campus at least while I was there, was the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, an extremely high-tech, green building with 5 floors and countless wall outlets (the latter being much more significant!). My favorite part though was the rooftop garden which…