Go on a walk

When you were little, did you avoid the crack to not “break your mother’s back”? Moving to America, I didn’t fully understand that that was just a rhyme, and was genuinely scared of hurting my mom. Thankfully I figured it out fairly quickly, and went on my merry way. Good thing too, because with streets paved with cobblestone everywhere you turn, Europe is not really the best place to put that particular rhyme to the test.

A statue in Nyhavn

On my walk around the city one day, I happened to actually see this monstrous statue outside the harbor. I must’ve passed it dozens of times before I actually saw it. I don’t know what made me stop that one time, but I got a cool shot out of it!

What do you pass everyday that you don’t notice until that one special day? Take note of it 🙂


Night Sky Line


DailyUpload_104_November2010_NancyThankiPhotographyCopenhagen once again, there may be a trend in where my mind is lately 🙂

Sunset is one of my favorite times of day. As a photographer, it has the “magic hour” when the light is as naturally perfect for photographing as it will ever be. But for me it has always been nice to wind down to a beautiful scenery, a wonderful backdrop to cap of a wonderful day.



This was taken on the coast of Denmark in Helsingør at the Kronborg castle. It inspired Shakespeare and was featured as Elsinore in Hamlet. This part of Denmark’s coast is a scant 4 km from Sweden, hence the placement of the castle, when these two countries were sworn enemies. I was told that if you go underwater, you can see proof of the warring factions through the mounds of cannonballs along the floor of the sea. As technology got progressively better, the cannonballs were able to go a further distance. But those that didn’t make it are still at the bottom of the ocean as small mounds of cannonballs slowly inching to the opposite coast.