From June, 2013

Rainy Days

Sometimes rainy days just hit the spot! It’s nice to curl up with a book (or an entire season of a favorite tv show) and just veg. Take a break from the stress for a few hours and come back to your duties a bit refreshed. A rainy afternoon seemed like a great time to…

Getting flowers :)

I’m a girl (obvs duh). And as a girl I am allowed such girly measures as aww-ing and ooh-ing when receiving flowers. Then (because that’s what people in my generation do) instagramming it in the best possible light 🙂

Six Month Graduation Anniversary

I’m just realizing that it’s been over 6 months since I graduated college…wow time flies when you’re dealing with grad school… But this post is about more than my patting myself of my back for my stupendous achievement. This was all possible because of my parents. Throughout the whole process that was college, my parents…


I officially have a kitchen again and to celebrate I may have gone a bit overboard on the fresh fruit…but it’s awesome! I’m super excited about no longer having to heat things up in the microwave or worry that bugs are going to smell my delicious-ness.


I’ve loved roses ever since I was little and my dad would take me on a walk around a local garden in India. And I think flowers in bloom are beautiful. This was actually just a random shot that I came across months after the fact. It caught my eye so I thought I’d share…

Botanical Gardens During the Holidays

I love the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and have wonderful memories from each of my visits there! These are from my last time, over the holidays in December as we attempted not to be totally stressed out by finals… [justified_image_grid preset=13 ids=594,593,592,596,591 caption=off mobile_caption=off orderby=rand]

Swinging Around

It’s now officially summer! And I just want it to be cool again…swinging during that late winter day would hit the spot quite nicely 🙂

Wedding time for Dave and Karen

So I’ve officially shot my first wedding (and hopefully not my last) and I finally have post-able proof!. Dave and Karen had a beautiful lakeside wedding at the beginning of May. It was full of laughter and bunny ears. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves 🙂   [justified_image_grid ids=429,378,391,540,401,376,419,425,421,436,434,437,438,439,441,446,447,449,450,459]