From August, 2013

Flowers and Bugs

As summer comes to an end, the flowers are going. Sadly. Because flowers, I love. But bugs, I don’t. So the bright side is that the mosquito raids and attacks will come to an end, at least for now.

Lights, Camera, Action!

This set is fantastic! It’s so transformable and iconic. And since I’m a film lover, maker, watcher, and admirer in general, this set made me even more ridiculously happy to be on!

The Strangest Things Are Striking

This is just a plain beige-ish tile floor. Of a bathroom. With a drain in frame But put include some shadows from standing on it, add a filter, and slap on a border around it. Voila! It’s interesting!

Black and White Landscape

I’ve been experimenting with black and white for a few years. It’s weird for me partially because I love color and the play of light across various textures and materials. Yet there have been so many fantastic black and white photographs/photographers that have struck me for their simplicity and beauty. I think it’s growing on…