Who Am I?

I design, take photos, and write; all in search of a good story.

I pride myself on:

  • having a keen attention to detail
  • straightforward & approachable
  • dependable i.e. on time every time
  • committed to making things more perfect than either you or I can imagine off the top of our heads

My greatest hope is to live in a world that is a little less quick to certainty. I strive for my work to allow folks to engage with difficult conversations.

I am a writer and director. I explore conflicting ideals across dimensions of race, gender, religion, and politics, particularly when language is an additional barrier. I obsess over dialogue but often find the smallest details about a person to be the most relatable. I sing pop music loudly and badly when stuck in traffic on the 405.

Currently, I’m balancing producing films and writing my own projects while engineering happiness for our users at Automattic. I’m a huge proponent of accessibility, diversity, and security in the tech industry and have given talks about it around the world.

A recent transplant to Los Angeles, my screenwriting and producing courses at UCLA have also allowed me to hone my writing and creative skills. My film work has showcased at Plaza Theatre and Midtown Arts Cinema in Atlanta and past clients include the Georgia Production Partnership and the United Way of Atlanta.