Foggy Georgia Tech, Fall 2012

Georgia Tech has a beautiful campus, full of greenery and technology. The newest building on campus at least while I was there, was the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, an extremely high-tech, green building with 5 floors and countless wall outlets (the latter being much more significant!). My favorite part though was the rooftop garden which provided a central view of campus. One particularly foggy night, I was fortunate enough to be there with my camera.



snowy canals
snowy canals

I had a wonderful time in Copenhagen during my study abroad.I took a break from studying to explore Copenhagen Harbor. It was absolutely beautiful in the late afternoon light and brutally windy. To escape the wind, I boarded a canal boat to travel the small canals and the harbor protected from the gusts.

I absolutely loved my time in Copenhagen. The winter was especially beautiful starting with a white Thanksgiving. This was just some of the aftermath!

I got to see so many amazing sites and take zillions of photos. Whenever I feel nostalgic, I go through them to remind myself of a fantastic time. I’ll probably keep uploading them from time to time 🙂

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