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WordCamp Seattle 2014

As you may have gathered, I do a bit of website design and photography. This past weekend was spent in Seattle at WordCamp Seattle on the University of Washington. Yes it really is that beautiful. I was quite a bit envious of their campus 🙂 This post serves two purposes, one to show off my presentation…

New Travels

So I just got back from India. And by just…I mean exactly 3 weeks ago. Now where oh where are those amazing photos that I keep harping about? You know, those ones that show off how beautifully amazing my family is, show off my birthplace, and are just all around awe-inspiring and breath-taking? …yeah about…

It’s a statue kinda day

I think getting a glimpse at some very statuesque (ba dap chuu 😉 ) monuments in Copenhagen is a great way to start off your day. Made even better when seeing them in the fading sunset light!

Parents and Kids

My grandfather has had an interesting relationship with his children, but I like to think that each of them have a memory such as this of being with him, hand-in-hand, and not a care in the world.

Look Through

Windows are great for looking through! Such great things to look at, whether you’re inside looking out or the other way around/

Afraid of heights?

My apartment in Copenhagen was on the 7th floor. That may not seem terribly high, but when the buildings around you are not generally more than 5-6 stories, it feels like you’re king of the world!