From May, 2013


“Her uncanny ability to pick just the perfect timing to take a shot has provided evidence of the love and adoration we have for one another, the faces and emotions of our wedding party and attendees as well as the joyous spirit of our wedding day.”

Venice, Summer 2010

There are canals EVERYWHERE in Venice. Obviously, it’s a city made of islands that just happen to be really close to one another. It’s quite picturesque, especially with the sun peeking through the buildings.

Reichstag Berlin, Summer 2010

As the first free day we had in Europe, we had an opportunity to explore Berlin. This particular shot is the Reichstag, the German Parliamentary building as we walked up the spiral at sunset.

Black Diamond Library Escalators

The Black Diamond Library looks out over the harbor in Copenhagen. The building is incredibly striking because, you guessed it, it is a gleaming black structure in the shape of a three-dimensional diamond. This was taken as I was leaving after a long day of studying before finals during my semester abroad.  

Overlooking Florence, Summer 2010

Florence, Italy is an amazing, sprawling city full of art, history, and beautiful architecture. One can quite easily experience it just by stepping outside of one’s apartment or hotel room. But the best way to get an eagle eye’s view (besides climbing to the top of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore which I HIGHLY…

Foggy Georgia Tech, Fall 2012

Georgia Tech has a beautiful campus, full of greenery and technology. The newest building on campus at least while I was there, was the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, an extremely high-tech, green building with 5 floors and countless wall outlets (the latter being much more significant!). My favorite part though was the rooftop garden which…

Atlanta Botanical Gardens with friends, Summer 2012

It’s always nice to go on adventures! Especially when they follow long and arduous semesters of college. I decided to take my camera with me on a trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with friends. There are just a few of my favorite pictures. [justified_image_grid preset=13 ids=530,531,541,475,474,581,568,579,578,580,571,572,569,575,529,573,570 orderby=rand caption=off mobile_caption=off]

tap dancing at sunset

This is a tap dancer whom I know and love. He decided to start tapping because the mood struck him. The visuals struck me so here you are. [justified_image_grid preset=13 ids=559,557,567,566,563,565,561,562,560,564,542 caption=off mobile_caption=off orderby=rand]


I had a wonderful time in Copenhagen during my study abroad.I took a break from studying to explore Copenhagen Harbor. It was absolutely beautiful in the late afternoon light and brutally windy. To escape the wind, I boarded a canal boat to travel the small canals and the harbor protected from the gusts. I absolutely…