From July, 2013

Can it be fall yet?

Going through old pictures, I came across some I took my first semester as a college student. The campus has changed so much over the years, but the trees are still there. With school about to start up again, I’m looking forward to the beauty of fall 🙂

Amalienborg Castle

So some water, some ice, big stinking deal, right? Just some big fat canal that she’s posting again. But this is not just another domed old building, this is one of the official  residences for the royal family of Denmark, notably the winter residence. NBD, just another castle. Except this is on the harbor, overlooking…

“Inspiher”-ed Ideas

Alright, I had to go there with the title 🙂 But on a serious note, with the coming of Inspiher so soon, I’ve had plenty of emails from interested folks requiring a bit more definition along the line of what we are actually looking for. And for that we apologize. We were trying not to…

Go on a walk

When you were little, did you avoid the crack to not “break your mother’s back”? Moving to America, I didn’t fully understand that that was just a rhyme, and was genuinely scared of hurting my mom. Thankfully I figured it out fairly quickly, and went on my merry way. Good thing too, because with streets…

A statue in Nyhavn

On my walk around the city one day, I happened to actually see this monstrous statue outside the harbor. I must’ve passed it dozens of times before I actually saw it. I don’t know what made me stop that one time, but I got a cool shot out of it! What do you pass everyday that…

Christmas in July

All of this wishing that it was cold, and winter, and not hot, and not muggy, and wanting one day in which my hair cooperates without humidity makes me think karma will bite me in the butt in the coming months…oh well, Karma’s kinda cute 🙂 Kazi too!

Fuzzy Warmth

It’s been a bit gloomy here lately. And it’s summer, so it’s muggy, and hot as hell. So I thought I’d bring a bit of color (and a shot of cold) into the day!

Night Sky Line

Copenhagen once again, there may be a trend in where my mind is lately 🙂 Sunset is one of my favorite times of day. As a photographer, it has the “magic hour” when the light is as naturally perfect for photographing as it will ever be. But for me it has always been nice to…


It’s a time to look back. Literally because I’m looking through my many photographs to see what I have seen/captured. But also metaphorically as life continues to change at a rapid fire pace.

Cool cars

Driving through Memphis, I happened to have my camera out at a traffic light. Evan was kind enough to lean back to let me get my shot. That’s his hand 🙂