“Inspiher”-ed Ideas

Alright, I had to go there with the title 🙂

But on a serious note, with the coming of Inspiher so soon, I’ve had plenty of emails from interested folks requiring a bit more definition along the line of what we are actually looking for. And for that we apologize. We were trying not to dissuade anyone that was interested by not providing a wide range of subject, but in the process just made it too vague to do much good.

Evan has shared a post on his own blog to attempt to rectify the situation. Here are several blog ideas that have come to my mind:

  • What movies/books/authors/etc deserve a shout out based on how they portray women? For inspiration check out: 11 Filmmakers Who Expertly Answered the Question “Why Do You Write Strong Female Characters?”
  • What positive changes have you experienced towards women in the past ten years?
  • When has being a male or female worked to your disadvantage in your industry? How did you overcome that disadvantage?
  • Has being a male or female ever afforded you opportunities that the other sex may not have had? If so, do you know anyone of the opposite sex who was able to obtain that same opportunity? How did they do it?
  • Think of the most sexist film you know. Now make all the male characters female, and the females male. Explain how the story changes. (Be good natured, nobody likes a troll 🙂 ) Alfonzo Cuaron, film director, including Children of Men and The Little Princess talked about having female leads in his most current film, Gravity.
  • Think about the portrayal of women in media (tv, movies, books, comics, newspapers, magazines, etc). Has it affected the way you view females in society, be it unconsciously, subconsciously, or consciously?

This is not even close to exhaustive. There’s no way we can think of everything or have the backgrounds needed to do so. Do you have an even cooler idea? Share it! We’d love feedback and opportunity for lots of variety!!

Let me know what you think!

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