London’s West End

It’s been two years, almost to the day, that I was in London’s West End. Like the rest of my 2010, it was another incredible experience.

This one included seeing a live performance of Les Miserables. You may have seen the movie with Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway. It’s pretty great! But it’s nothing compared to the live performance. Seeing it in person is jaw dropping, tear-inducing, and unbelievably touching. And we were only in the nosebleed section (as college students, we have pretty tight restrictions).

Obviously this particular image is not of the performance (no cameras allowed!) but of a particular art installation in the theater lobby. We were all milling about waiting to be allowed entrance in this incredible space, an old structure with new fixtures, when the bubbles just caught my eye.

I snapped a quick picture and showed it to my travel mates who had not yet noticed them. It was cool to uncover a different perspective!

Let me know what you think!

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