New Travels

So I just got back from India. And by just…I mean exactly 3 weeks ago.

Now where oh where are those amazing photos that I keep harping about? You know, those ones that show off how beautifully amazing my family is, show off my birthplace, and are just all around awe-inspiring and breath-taking?

…yeah about that…

I took like 7000 of them. And I was only there for like 3 weeks. So like 3-400 a day. A day. Yeah I’m kinda kicking myself for that. Not because they’re not amazing and captured moments that I will treasure forever. But because I got so snap happy that it’s kinda ridiculous to go through them all now after the fact because sometimes there’s 6 photos of the same thing, just varying degrees of the depth of field aka what’s in focus the most.

So to make a long-ish story short. Here are some photos. There are many MANY more to come, but I have got to get back to this whole actually posting regularly thing…more soon 🙂


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Let me know what you think!

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